Limited Edition is a prime time show with a massive listeners appeal. The show has been designed on a creative theme, which has not been listened to in the radio industry before.

It is filled with contents regarding comic books, movies, TV series, cartoons, anime, video games and a brilliant playlist along with these.

After a long busy stressful day, de-stress yourself by indulging yourself into the entertainment world and what better way do we have than putting up a show like this for you with the contents you like to live and breathe in.


  • Playlist preview: Preview of the popular songs to be played in the next hour.
  • Soundtracks Unlimited: (Sundays and Tuesdays). Two original soundtracks from movies, TV series and/or video games along with relevant information about them.
  • Toon time: (Mondays) In-depth reviews about famous cartoons and anime.
  • What if: (Wednesdays). Imaginary situation presented in a humorous way. For example, what would happen if Spiderman visited Dhaka to fight crime?
  • Comic Quest: The regular segment about comic books divided into following sub-segments:

Origins: (Sundays) The origin story of comic book characters.

Comic book review: (Mondays). Reviews and issues with Famous comic book series.

Graphic novel review: (Tuesdays). Review of Popular graphic novels.

Fun fact: (Wednesdays) Interesting facts about the comic book world.

  • Speech bubble contest: (Sundays). A comic book strip with empty speech bubble(s) are posted on Radio Dhol’s Facebook page. Listeners have to come up with funny and interesting dialogues in the comment box. The person posting the funniest and most interesting dialogue wins a prize.
  • Trivia hour: (Mondays). Three clues are given to listeners about a mystery actor/movie/TV series. The listeners have to figure out the answer. The first person to text the correct answer is the winner. The winner gets a prize.
  • Name that tune: (Tuesdays). A tune is played from a movie/TV series/video game. The listeners have to identify which movie/TV series/video game the tune belongs to. The first person to give the correct answer through text message is the winner. A prize is given to the winner.
  • Who am I?: (Wednesdays) Three clues are given about a mystery music artist or band. The listeners have to figure out the answer. The first person to text the correct answer is the winner and gets a prize.

Show timing: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Show host: Kaisar

Frequency: Sunday- Thursday