Music is universal, it is not restricted within one country and as it is said, music has no language. So planet groove is here to break the barriers of country, society and culture.

The show is all about international tracks but it is certainly not like the other typical shows with typical international songs’ playlist, instead a show with variations and rich content. The show plays songs from all over the world and creates a sort of connection within cultures.


  • Rockmania: Updates of different upcoming or past Concerts all over the country.
  • BoomBoard: List of songs in the billboard and information about them.
  • Rock theatre: Information about television shows and movies.
  • Groovy gossip: Gossips and rumors about international celebrity life.
  • Are you jealous?: Events happening anywhere in the world and their updates.

Show timing: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Show host: Tropa

Frequency: Friday