Shine up your day with “Rise & Shine” on every weekday morning. The show is full of various interesting segments and info you need and on top of that the content presented is different every day!

Morning shows are meant to kick start your day in a positive and interesting way. Apart from the usual text message readings, there is an amazing playlist with handpicked songs, which would keep you on your feet all day! Yes that’s right, we are broadcasting energy to start off your day.



  • The health mantra: The health benefits of a specific food item and the day-to-day activities, which keep us healthy.
  • What does your star say?: a half hour segment consisting information of the day’s horoscope
  • Is it sunny today?: Weather of the day.
  • Did you hear that?: All about Celebrity rumours of the day.
  • Miss optimist: Positive quotes of the day to spread optimism around.
  • This and that?: Updates on exhibitions, shows and dramas around you.
  • Cakes and candles: Birthdays of special people.
  • 5 minutes of sports: Sports updates and scores.
  • Funny bone: Jokes and funny stories.

Show timing: 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Show host: Tasnim

Frequency: Sunday- Thursday